Pennymeadow Multipurpose Whippets

Pennymeadow Whippets History

Pennymeadow Whippets History

After a very young introduction to the world of the running dog via my uncles who kept Lurchers and Greyhounds. I was taken to White City Greyhound Track in Manchester this is where my education began watching my uncles well known Mancunian Kennel of Greyhounds race with great success. From then on all I wanted was a running dog.

As a teenager my parents got me a Greyhound and soon after I acquired another. Together we caught rats and rabbits in the fields and meadows. As I got older I had Lurchers for ferreting and lamping rabbits. When I reached my mid twenties I bought a whippet dog who worked all his life his name was Tag owning Tag gave me a sound understanding of whippets in the field sadly Tag broke his back one night in a lamping accident to move forward after this disaster was hard. In 1986 I bought myself a whippet bitch called Debrita Domain Of Zarcrest (Bridie) she soon proved herself in the fields Bridie was mated Walkabout Wish Upon A Star and produced some high quality Show, Work and Racing Whippets, this was the start of PENNYMEADOW WHIPPETS. 

After a few years away from the dogs breeding and showing Arabian Horses I have returned with a strong desire to Work, Show, Race and Lure Course my Whippets. Also to breed some Whippets worthy of the title 'multipurpose' Whippets. At Pennymeadow all our bitches carry strong blue/black colour breeding lines, with a good conformation and an excellent temperament. We are presently members of The North West Lure Coursing Club, Lancashire Pedigree Whippet Racing Club, Northern Counties Whippet Club, South Yorkshire Whippet Club, The Midland Whippet Club, The Whippet Club, Wigan and District Canine Society, North West Canine Association.The Lancashire Pedigree Whippet Racing Club recently made history on the 26/11/05, we ran a Whippet race over 250m on Belle Vue Greyhound Track, the first every Whippet race to be held there.

On 29th June 2008 The Uk Working Whippet Championships were held at Broughton Hall Game Fare & The Uk Working Whippet Club was launched. 

Pennymeadow Whippet Puppies are available to approved homes.

 Pennymeaow Whippets are based in Wigan Lancashire.

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